Aliméntese de forma saludable y haga ejercicio como parte de su rutina.

Realmente somos lo que comemos. And it’s no secret that living a healthy lifestyle can have some important health benefits.

Adding physical activity and more fruits and vegetables to your daily routine not only reduces your risk for such chronic diseases as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke, but also enhances your physical and emotional well-being. So start making healthy choices — your life depends on it. Download monthly goal-setting calendars with daily health tips.

Increase your steps. Lower your risk.

  • Elija actividades que le guste hacer, como caminar, andar en bicicleta o bailar.
  • Comience por hacer al menos 10 minutos de actividad a la vez.
  • Incorpore 60 minutos de actividad física por día. Research says, it doesn’t even have to be all at once to be impactful.
  • Use the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Take a post-meal walk around the block.
  • Park farther away to get in extra steps.

Comer mejor.

Daily food choices can make a huge difference in your overall health.

  • Eat more whole grains, such as wheat, not “enriched” bread, and brown rice.
  • Coma al menos cinco porciones de verduras y frutas por día.
  • Evite consumir productos lácteos con alto contenido de grasas y busque opciones que contengan poca cantidad de grasas.
  • Consuma más pescado.
  • Beba alcohol con moderación.
  • Avoid solid-fat foods like butter, cream, and shortening.
  • Limite el consumo de carnes a la parrilla.
  • Limit your consumption of processed deli meats. es un excelente recurso en línea para ayudar a hacer buenas elecciones a la hora de comer.

Utilice una fórmula simple que lo guíe para perder peso.

5-2-1 casi nada

To maintain a healthy weight, follow the recommendations of the 5-2-1-Almost None Formula:

  • Eat 5 or more fruits and vegetables each day. Combaten enfermedades y están llenas de energía natural.
  • Limit yourself to no more than 2 hours of recreational screen time each day (includes TV, computers, and gaming).
  • Get at least 1 hour of physical activity each day.
  • Drink almost no sugary beverages.

Planifique un mejor estilo de vida.

Explore our Healthy Lifestyle Map to find:

  • Places to get healthy and stay active, including the nearest public parks and gyms
  • Local farmers’ markets where fresh produce is sold
  • Recetas saludables para descargar
  • Information on free cancer screenings

Visit our blog for recipes as well as tips on eating right and staying active.

¿Necesita ayuda para comprar alimentos saludables para sus hijos?

The Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) program provides nutritional aid to pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers (or non-breastfeeding mothers who have delivered a child within the last six months), as well as to children and infants who are less than 5 years old, reside in Delaware, and have a nutritional risk. Applicants must meet income guidelines.

Call 800-222-2189 or 2-1-1 toll-free for more information.


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Mapa de estilos de vida saludables

Haga de la vida saludable su destino diario. Nuestro mapa de bienestar le indicará dónde encontrar productos agrícolas locales en mercados de productores cerca de su área. También incluye gimnasios y parques locales.


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